The Most Marvelous Idea You’ve had All Day

The respect I have for my readers asks me to warn you before it’s too late: this post doesn’t have a point, at all (unlike any other post I’ve wrote… Compliments later, please). I just have this uncontrollable need to show off the fact that I just bought a new camera.

I have a super duper new camera!
OMFG!!11!! ClapClapW00tClap!!!1!!111!!

For a while, I’ve been using my dad’s camera… Which is a great camera but I don’t do the whole sharing thing; so I saved money and it finally pays off.
So, without further ado (I always wanted to say write that!), a pretty picture:
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It’s a Fujifilm WP, which means it’s waterproof. If I don’t get a chance to go to a pool soon enough, expect a lot of pictures of me taking a shower; I would get my money’s worth and some internet popularity at the same time.

Oh, and the camera it’s pink. PINK!



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35 responses to “The Most Marvelous Idea You’ve had All Day

  1. Aprovechale mejor, ve al mar o algun espacio natural.

  2. ThatGuy

    Doesn’t this whole blog warrant “internet popularity”?

  3. Hey…just after reading this single post, I agree with “ThatGuy,” in that your entire blog certainly warrants “internet popularity.”

    I found you through FAIL blog, and was just hoping to make some “Internet friends” in the community. *Reaches out to shake hands*

  4. Counter Culture Clown

    Shower pics, hmm? You’re really low-balling yourself for hits now, love.

    • Well, I’ve always been an attention whore. I’m just being true to myself.
      (I hope people are not actually expecting shower pics…)

      • Counter Culture Clown

        You really should take a picture while you’re in the shower… not of you, but of the rest of the shower or something. Jus to prove a point.

        I mean, you DID promise! You wouldn’t want to go back on your promise, now would you, love?

      • I guess I can be persuaded, I’m way easier than I wished I was.
        Wait. I shouldn’t be telling this to a guy… I meant, of course I’m not going to take pictures of me or my shower, NEVER, EVER!

    • Dude, I love your SN. I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with clowns (non-sexual, of course) since childhood. I think it stems from an underlying fear of them, but I overcome all fears by surrounding myself with the things I’m afraid of. That was probably TMI for one comment. 😉

  5. Jules ♂ ♪

    Haha, I have an underwater camera and never really thought of taking it in to the shower with me. Nothing exciting ever happens in the shower.

    On other note, make sure to check all the O-rings before you plan to take it in the water. I have avoided several issues where an O-ring has not seated correctly that would have destroyed my camera, if I had not checked before hand.

  6. Tony Cirius

    I really… really… want to fuck the living shit out of you…. until you moan so loud you lose you voice…

    Just throwing that out there.

  7. thelord

    damn your hot as hell!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. You`re quite welcome! 🙂

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