Make it Very Dry, and No Olive

Somehow, I lack the creativity to write this entry… I’ll just say this like it is, and you can add some funny accent, yes?

Saturday night was so fucked up, dude!

Regularly, I don’t write about my social life. I tell myself it doesn’t add anything to the main objective of this blog, but the real reason is … I just don’t have any.

Even though I’m Miss Party-Girl to you, now; I’m still true to my principles. This does has something to do with the point of my blog. The party was, amongst other things (like, birthday party, end-of-the-semester party, let’s-get-really-drunk party), my going away party.

I really don’t know what to say about it, though. A lot of shit happened, funny, exciting, weird… But I’m guessing it’s the kind of things you have to be there, or at least know the people.

Ok, ok. I do have a couple of statements:

. I ❤ Jelly Shots (and I feel I shouldn’t be this proud of saying it just like that).

. Real fun doesn’t start until you’re thrown in to a pool against your will… And I’m not even being sarcastic.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The truth is… I will miss these people like crazy.

The second truth is that I should receive a medal (or a set of applauses, at least) for having the balls to upload pictures of myself not only when I’m sleep-deprived, also when I’m wet and drunk (…dirty!).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Adding to the weirdness of the night and without getting into gruesome details, I have to say I learned something important: You don’t need Europe to try those things you see on French movies.



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26 responses to “Make it Very Dry, and No Olive

  1. I think you’re not talking about Amélie when you say “those things you see on french movies”, call it intuition, if you want. xD
    And, wow, at the pictures, It’s obvious that you were enjoying this party so far, and it makes me feel glad. =)
    And, just about your friends and your exile to Spain, well, it’s not like you’ll never see them again, right? In fact, there’r only a change in the time frequency (to be with them, I mean).
    Hope you can understand those things, It’s half past twelve and I’m working, I’m tired and I’m hungry (SO hungry). u.u
    I promise, my next comment will be so much better!

    Hope you’re fine, bombón!

    • I didn’t mean Amélie at all (sounds kinda cool, though).
      I know I will see them again, but at the party it hit me, I’m not going to be with these people in class anymore. And it is a pretty close generation.
      I’m still going to Spain, of course… And I’m going to have a great time, but there are always cons.
      Your comment made a great deal of sense haha, more that I can say for most of the things I write/talk/think, hungry or not. But, I do hope you ate something…

  2. Mike

    You need to watch more french movies Lolita 😛

    It’s good to know you had fun, and that 2nd picture is priceless homie. Wassup, yo! (Yeah, I can be street :D)

    It’s always tricky living your friends behind but think about the new people you’re gonna meet.

    PS: I didn’t really wanna comment on this but… you do have lovely breasts :$

    • I watched enough to make the reference. Is weird people haven’t got it yet.
      Uhm… Thanks for the compliments. I grew them myself, I guess. Weird haha
      Oh! And I told you I could pull off nigga attitude.

    • Mike

      I’m not a fan of movies myself. And all the french ones I saw either had gruesome deaths or lots of sex with hairy girls (I prefer shaved girls, it looks better :$)

      What is the reference anyway? You got me curious.

      Word 😛

      • Jules ♂ ♪

        *envision having sex with a wookie*
        I don’t know whether I would consider that sex with a hairy girl or a gruesome death. It could be both.
        *liberally applies brain bleach*

      • You guys are seriously comparing having sex with a hairy lady to a gruesome death? I hate being the one to tell you this, but… You’re never getting laid…
        I’m not going to tell you the reference. If you really want to know you have to think real hard… It’s easy, no need to be an expert in French culture… They just came up with the term. That’s all I have to say.
        Ps. Mike, did you just tell me you like them shaved? *checks manual of etiquette* … that’s not good manners!

      • Mike

        I didn’t compare anything -.-‘

        I’m just saying french movies have a lot of both of those things. I remember one I saw when I was a kid, where a lady’s husband was killed in front of her very slowly, slit throat :S

        And another one where an italian guy convinces a french girl to have sex with him, they do, she later dies and her sister gets raped.

        French movies=evil.
        Mexican girls=hot.

      • Jules ♂ ♪

        LOL, don’t tell my wife that I will not be getting laid. TMI look away now: we both enjoy the clean shaven life style, if you get my drift.

        Obvious you did not get my star wars reverence, (I blame my inner nerd) but I didn’t get your French movie reference either. Well I kind of did, it is the only term I knew to be French, but I have not seen any French movie with that in it. I could see how that could be weird for you though (I had never tried it myself). But life is short and you should try anything once, right?

      • French movies sure love to kill people, huh? Pfff, who am I to judge? Mexican movies love sex and profanities… Lots and lots of profanities. As long as they are filled with hot girls and their boobs, right?
        Oh, Jules, somehow last time the word wookie flew over my head, I get it now… Wait! Wait! You got the reference, right? Oh my! I’m blushing, seriously. And why is everybody just exposing their intimate preferences suddenly? … Well… If everybody is doing it and at the sight that you just got what I was talking about I’ll admit it: I do enjoy a clean lifestyle myself… My Saturday-female-coworker, however, did not… Ugh…
        Ps. Say hi to the wife for me (while I hide under a rock).

      • Jules ♂ ♪

        Well, at least no one can say you are not open minded. It’s something that I have found to be a valuable commodity in my life.

      • Mike

        Wait, how old is Jules? 😛
        I got his reference (after a bit of Google, I’ve never seen Star Wars nor do I intend to :$); your, however…

        It’s good to know you embrace our way of seeing things 😀
        And since he’s married and all… *whistles*

      • You still don’t get it, Mike? After the last thing I said I thought I gave it away completely.

      • Mike

        Well, I suck at guessing stuff. When I was a kid I couldn’t guess I was getting a watch for Christmas, even after my father said it was something you wore on your wrist that told the time :$

        Please tell me Lolita, the most beatiful girl on the Internet.

        Éres la muchacha más hermosa en toda la Internet 😀

      • Even though my mom doesn’t even know how to log in on msn, I have the feeling she may be reading this… So no, I can’t tell you just like that.
        And thank you for the compliment, but there are a lot of other beautiful girls over the internet, I’m sure.

      • Mike

        Paranoid are we? 😛

        There are… private ways of telling me that. You CAN see my email I think. Just email me the response and presto.

        PS: are you really that scared of mommy? :O

  3. Jules ♂ ♪

    It must have been a good party since it took you until Wednesday to post it.

    PS: The only french movie I have seen is “Brotherhood of the wolf” and I somehow doubt you were running around eating peasants or cutting people down, dual wielding knives. But then again I have never seen you drunk so you never know.

    • I know! Haha I just didn’t came up with the words to do it, so I gave up and wrote it as it came up. Long live effort and creativity.
      I’m amazed; you came up with a theory more exciting than what actually happened. I didn’t see that coming. There’s always a next time, right?

  4. SheetOuTOhLuck

    Well, I have read your blogging if that’s what it is. Seems like fun experiences or they are simply well written to seem fun, but anywho, get the French reference, fun. For me, I don’t know what these lads speak of, I have watched so many and numerous French films. I have come a spur of the moment conclusion that most foreign films, French included, leave most of the action films to the U.S., while they focus much more on the human side, an introspective look on a person rather than his outward actions.

    Anyway.. Fun times it seems! I look forward to more of your writings. As a request, not a critique, you could always write more lengthy entries, they are quite fun to read (It’s a pastime now every few days or so to read whatever entry it may be, perhaps you should think about journalism. You could always do that on the side…)

    • I’m glad I wasn’t totally out of place by referencing French movies. We know the term in French for a reason! And I’m still wondering if it was indeed fun haha.
      Thank you so much for what you said. I love writing, I always have. For a couple of years I did considered journalism, I don’t know why I ended up changing my mind… I will confess you a secret; I’m more into writing about architecture than actually doing architecture.

  5. poTen

    *clap**clap**clap* for uploading your pics 🙂 I have a suggestion to clarify the “rest of the pictures”. If a picture tells a thousand words then a video tells a thousand pictures 🙂 Yes! Next time you can include a video of your adventures! 😀 That way everything will be very clear to us :DDDD

    • *Makes a reverence*
      I don’t know how comfortable would my friends feel if I keep recording them while they are drunk… Or just recording them in general. But let me see what I can do about that.

  6. john

    i’d tap u 😉

  7. Francisco

    you´re hot! 😀

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