Keeps Me from Getting Bored

I don’t know if I should say I have updates or just random thoughts… And now, I don’t know if there’s actually a difference between the two. Screw this, it’s 1am: I have something to say.

. I have the house all to myself this week! In 20 years of life I’ve never been home alone before. I guess it’s way to prepare myself for life in Spain… And to PARTYYYYYYYYY!!!

(Naaah… I’m too big of a nerd to do something like that).

. Spain plans are going smooth. Well, at least the papers I need. I already have my curriculum with all the classes I have taken, all signed and everything. That excites me, ok!?

. The other day I went to see my gynecologist for a regular check up (long live the internet who lets me share these kind of things with strangers) and guess who I saw… My 6th grade crush; who, a couple of weeks ago, I found out impregnated a girl. Oh dear boy o’ mine, don’t you know this would have never happened with me? I’m a pro at putting on condoms (I could almost hear my mom saying “that’s my girl!”).

.  My beautiful blog just reached 20,000 views. Big fucking yay! It’s a big deal to me… So all jokes a side (I can do that), thanks a freaking zillion to every single person who has ever read me, and special thanks to the people who took some time of their life to write a comment.



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30 responses to “Keeps Me from Getting Bored

  1. Mike

    Keep counting the days kiddo, keep counting the days… And PARTY!!!!!!!

    PS: you were afraid of telling me what the reference was but you have no problem in saying you’re a pro at slapping on condoms? I bet your mom still thinks (correction: thought) you have the seal of quality 😛

  2. Jules ♂ ♪

    You seem to be leaning to the right today. –>

    It’s amazing how many people are unaware of even the safe sex basics. Sounds like your parents did a good job.

    @ Mike she is 20 and in college, I think that some point you have to let go of your kids and hope you taught them correctly.

    • Mike

      Try telling that to some of the mothers I know 😛

      • Jules ♂ ♪

        I know, it took my parents about 3 of my 4 years in college to figure that out. My wife and I still laugh about it, but that was only 3 years ago so… yeah I still catch them trying to dictate things in my life. The key word is try.

      • Mike

        Pretty much sounds like my life too… She’s one of those mothers who won’t let go…

      • Jules ♂ ♪

        The only way I found to break the connection was to make sure my parents were no longer fiscally responsible for me.

    • Just thinking about my parents reading this. I don’t know how would my mom react, she could act all cool or she could run down the streets crying.
      But my dad… I clearly imagine his reaction… I seriously shivered.

      • Mike

        As far as that kind of independence I’m still light years away. And God knows I’d like to change that.

        As for the shivering… can’t say I’m surprised. You are a girl, and there’s still that thing about men being able to and not women… :\

      • I don’t know where you are going with this, dear Mike ;(

      • Mike

        Well, I don’t know about Mexico, but here that old school mentality of “girls being housewives” and “men being men” still exists.

  3. Rafael

    Hehe, how come you know you’re a pro at “it”? 😉
    BTW: Amusing blog you got here 😛 …Oh, and Europe is wicked!

  4. Well, can’t say that approve of such comments! Being conservative in nature (not politically), I do find such things quite vulgar but all in all amusing.

    20,000 is quite a bit of views, perhaps one day you’ll find yourself with a devout following with numbers soaring past the millions…

    And I wonder something personal; what kind of education did you receive in Mexico? It would seem from other writings that you are of the higher class? Just wondering. Also, it is quite fun to see that your words seem like great English, and that it is, but there is a flare here and there that shows your origins of speaking: “In 20 years of life I’ve never…” or perhaps maybe a typo.

    Oh and a small observation: Woman are much more protected because it is quite easy to impregnate a woman and run off than it is to impregnate a man. I’ve seen it all too much.
    An short anecdote: My father, overly protective of my sister when we were younger; not even allowed to have a boy sit next to her in the same house. As for me, if my father saw me in my room with a girl, he’d simply close the door for me and I would say “Thanks!”

    • Mike

      That’s where I was trying to get before. That kind of thinking still exists these days, yes. I should know, my ex’s parents were on top on us like flies to a lit lightbulb.

      • Society does treat men and women differently when it comes to sex. But I think that subject is way too complicated to discuss it here.

    • Higher class? Yeah, I’d call it upper middle class. Did I sound like a brat or something? (:
      What did you exactly mean by education? (I wonder since you asked just after commenting about the sexual remarks). But, if you meant school education I have always been on private schools. I spent 15 years on a Catholic school, then move on to a private high school, and now I’m on a private university.
      I wish I could blame it all to typos but it’s just me not knowing proper English… Spanish is hard enough already haha

      • I thought as much (reference to your education). I wouldn’t say you sound like a brat, maybe more brat-like, perhaps a pseudo-brat, but we can never tell. And I wonder now if your making fun now, lol, ‘I spent 15 years on (at) a Catholic school’ and ‘now I’m on (at) a private university.’ The latter can make sense but in context should still be “at.” Well… I don’t mean to make fun either on your English writing skills, because my Spanish is embarrassingly horrible. I’ve studied Spanish for about a year and went to Costa Rica (Where I will be this summer again. So much fun I have to go back). Just saying, languages can be very tough! Though I think English is definitely harder, some things just don’t make sense sometimes but in French, Spanish, German, etc., those languages are so direct and logically make sense, making them much easier to learn. Living in Texas, it is definitely a must to learn at least a bit of Spanish. One of my co-workers, a sad story behind his past, speaks not a bit of English! Spanish is all he knows, and how to work on cars I guess too, and to drink haha.

        Anyway, interesting stuff! Oh, and when i switched from sex to education, it was merely an insight into the unsteadiness of my mind when it comes to subject matter. As it goes… I was going to study in Spain, Spanish though, for a semester or two, but I ended up in Costa Rica 🙂 Spain I hear… Good place, Euro-traveling made easy. G4U

        One more thing!!! Who says a comment section in a blog can’t become an intelligible conversation on the role of women and men, their discourse in society, the changing apparatus of society’s function in relation to sex? Why not…

      • It’s hard to say which language is harder. Spanish, German, French, Italian are indeed logical, but they do have a lot of different time verbs, when it’s an order, a wish, female, blah blah. I guess every language has its tricks.
        How come you ended up in Costa Rica, by the way?
        Oh, I do have a lot of grammar mistakes on the comment section, since I never double check it; I just write what comes out from the heart and… My heart is very wrong most of the times. So, I’m sorry about that.

  5. Whaaat? You’re alone and no party? Cut up the nerd-ness and have some fun!

    And good thing you didn`t hook up with that dude. You might have been the one who got pregnant!

    PS: good to know about the gynecologist :))

  6. photo ex machina


      • Ah! I didn’t mean to make you apologize for your grammar, not my intention. So no more apologizing 🙂 Well, Costa Rica and Spain were about the same price, actually, Spain was cheaper. But I kind of felt that my focus for International Relations had more to deal with Inter-American studies rather than world studies that it just seemed right to go to Costa Rica. I’m glad too, I had so much fun there, Pura Vida! haha

      • I wouldn’t have picked Costa Rica (*giggles*). I have pure love for Latin America, but I have no interest in visiting any country “down there”. Maybe it’s just because, right now, I want something completely different from Mexico.

  7. poTen

    Congrats on the 20,000 views! 😀

    Interesting, I was just wondering about this recently: how do people find your blog? Is it your sarcastic humor (or perhaps cute face) on failblog that “lure” people here? (In my case it was your cute face 😀 )

    In any event, the nakedness idea brought up in a recent post would sure to increase visits. Just a thought 😀

    • Either way, you can’t deny I know how to market myself (for different niches), huh? huh? : D
      I’m still not into showing my bare naked ass… But every single suggestion is greatly appreciated, so thanks :* !

      • poTen

        Yes, you sure do know how to market yourself 😉
        Actually, I also like sarcastic humor but I especially couldn’t resist the cute face/cute smile combo of your failblog picture so I had to visit your blog 😀

      • Apparently I took a great marketing choice without even know it. (:

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