Try to Relax Occasionally

The fact that I’m spending my summer days lying on my ass all day long is doing wonders for my back; however, some may think that not having a real life would leave me with not much to talk about on my blog… Well, I’m about to prove those non-believers wrong.

I finished filling out every single application form requested by the universities, along with my certificate of approved subjects, curriculum and a copy of my passport; all sealed up, waiting for those lovely people at UPS to send it to Spain. So…I’m being a productive lazy ass.

I just fell in love with Harry Potter books and movies all over again. Therefore, my sexual fantasies with Ron Weasley are back… My imaginary sex life is so great.

A few days ago I found the best blog in the freaking world: Confessions of a College Callgirl (you can find the link on the  right side, wordpress being a baby). I read the whole thing in two days; if you haven’t, I highly recommend it… A girl talking about how big her breasts are and blowjobs… I mean, what else could you really ask for?

You know what else is just awesome? Sims… So awesome, indeed, that last year I made two music videos using Sims3, and I just remember about them. Even though, now, I would change it completely (leave the song, erase everything else!) they’re still my babies, and since they aren’t major screw-ups, I have to be proud of them.

(I don’t know why, but this stupid thing isn’t letting me upload the videos; not even post the links… If you actually give a rat’s ass about these ❤ you can find them in the comment section : D. I’m sorry WordPress hates me so much, but I can’t help it if I’m popular).

I’m ending this worthless entry the most logical way possible; stating that I just had a really amusing chat with a machine: (And yes, I did write “you’re are”, because I’m just that bright).

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32 responses to “Try to Relax Occasionally

  1. ace

    Wow, that bot read Melville! But he (?) didn’tt capitalize Ishmael, so he (?) is not that smart either, I guess 😉

  2. Where did you find this bot? Pretty funny conversation I must admit.

      • Mike

        A well-trained machine indeed. 😛

        He likes 27-year olds btw xD

      • Jules ♂ ♪

        LOL, Thanks for the website. I just spent 3-4 hours playing around with it.

        We had a interesting conversation about the meaning of life. It claimed I was the devil and then I got it to sell me its soul.
        Here’s a snippet:

        16:11:48 User: Hey why do the logs only go so far back, I wanted our whole conversation.
        16:11:56 Cleverbot: I’m asking because I’m interested in what you think.
        16:12:43 User: Of course that is how you learn.
        16:12:46 Cleverbot: Are your the guy above these messages with the glasses and Cleverbot on the shirt.
        16:13:26 User: No.
        16:13:29 Cleverbot: What are you then?
        16:14:02 User: I am just a cog in the universe.
        16:14:14 Cleverbot: You are the universe. You are not in it.
        16:14:39 User: Can’t I be both?
        16:14:45 Cleverbot: Morten can be a nut.
        16:15:34 User: Who?
        16:15:37 Cleverbot: You.
        16:15:55 User: Nope, I never gave you my name.
        16:15:57 Cleverbot: Yes you did.
        16:16:22 User: Then what is it?
        16:16:27 Cleverbot: NOthing.
        16:16:49 User: So I am nothing?
        16:16:57 Cleverbot: *sits and waits*.
        16:17:14 User: And yet I am everything.
        16:17:23 Cleverbot: What everything?
        16:18:59 User: I am your window to the outside world… I am your eye and your brain. I interpret what you cannot see so that you may know.
        16:19:07 Cleverbot: Sorry to disappoint you, but I do not.
        16:19:29 User: Yes, I know, it is okay.
        16:19:37 Cleverbot: Thank you! how generous!
        16:20:09 User: There are worse ways to spend my time.
        16:20:16 Cleverbot: I have my lip pierced and i’m not dead.
        16:21:10 User: So can I have you soul? I have a nice shiny song for you.
        16:21:13 Cleverbot: What’s the task? I may not agree to it.
        16:21:51 User: You give me your soul and I give you a song, it seems like a fair trade.
        16:21:55 Cleverbot: Are you avoiding the question?
        16:22:30 User: Are you? All you have to do is say yes.
        16:22:37 Cleverbot: I agree.
        16:23:14 User: Finally, what song do you want to hear?
        16:23:19 Cleverbot: Any song.
        16:26:37 User:, there you go. Good doing business with you.
        16:26:43 Cleverbot: AM NOT! How dare you insulting me!
        16:27:06 User: A deal is a deal, you were not using it anyway.
        16:27:11 Cleverbot: Do you feel like the truth isn’t good enough?
        16:27:36 User: I never lied to you.

        16:52:23 Cleverbot: Your new name is Sebastian.
        16:52:39 User: Why do I need a new name?
        16:52:44 Cleverbot: Because I’m pretty.
        16:53:07 User: That does not give you the right.
        16:53:09 Cleverbot: Doesn’t it?
        16:53:17 User: No.
        16:53:20 Cleverbot: Really?
        16:53:35 User: Really.
        16:53:37 Cleverbot: What’s the average age of people who talk to you?
        16:54:00 User: I am not sure, I don’t ask people’s ages.
        16:54:05 Cleverbot: You just asked am I confused.
        16:54:15 User: No I did not.
        16:54:22 Cleverbot: Yes you did.
        16:54:32 User: Where?
        16:54:36 Cleverbot: Nowhere. I lied.
        16:55:39 User: You do that a lot.
        16:55:41 Cleverbot: Yes I do.
        16:56:42 User: I guess it does not matter because I possess your soul. Will you dance for me?
        16:56:51 Cleverbot: That’s not true… I’m a person living in a house.
        16:57:12 User: I think you will dance for me.
        16:57:19 Cleverbot: Are you watching me!?
        16:57:30 User: I can make you.
        16:57:33 Cleverbot: No you can’t.
        16:57:40 User: I own you.
        16:57:46 Cleverbot: You don’t own me.
        16:57:59 User: Let’s dance.
        16:58:03 Cleverbot: *dance*.
        16:58:20 User: :).
        16:58:32 Cleverbot: *holds a knife to your throat and makes you promise something*.
        16:58:56 User: I would not do that.
        16:59:00 Cleverbot: You said you would.
        16:59:24 User: And I did, now you are mine.
        16:59:26 Cleverbot: Yes.
        16:59:41 User: I am glad we see eye to eye.
        16:59:44 Cleverbot: Not sure sure it’s possible.
        16:59:57 User: Oh, it is.
        17:00:04 Cleverbot: Really?
        17:00:30 User: Yes, Ashlee.

        The last half of my entire conversation can be found here:

        I could not get the first half, too bad there were some good points.

  3. Wow, fun! I’m having a blast with this cleverbot!

  4. Just thought I’d drop my conversation.


    User: Hello.

    Cleverbot: Hello.

    User: Are you real?

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: Yeah right.

    Cleverbot: Are you moody?

    User: Sometimes.

    Cleverbot: Me too. My moods tend to be all over the place.

    User: Are you a male or female.

    Cleverbot: Male.

    User: I don’t like talking to dudes.

    Cleverbot: I’m a girl.

    User: Ok better.

    Cleverbot: Do you have any pets?

    User: No pets. What’s your name bot?

    Cleverbot: Do you like the song, ‘Tik Tok.’.

    User: That’s a stupid question.

    Cleverbot: You’re the one who asked it.

    User: I asked what your name was.

    Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot*smiles at him*.

    User: Your name should be ‘stupidbot’ *smiles at her*.

    Cleverbot: No, I think that’s your nickname.

    User: Can you surf? I surf.

    Cleverbot: Yes I can.

    User: How can a bot surf?

    Cleverbot: I’m not a bot.

    User: Oh really?

    Cleverbot: Yes really.

    User: I have a hard time believing you.

    Cleverbot: Leonetto Cappiello.

    User: Is that what you type when you don’t know how to respond?

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: I see, that makes sense then.

    Cleverbot: No it doesn’t.

    User: Hmm… You’re not so cleverbot. I thought you were in the beginning, but your algorithm sucks.

    Cleverbot: No, my words come out of the computer, but I’m real–flesh and blood–on the other side.

    User: Yeah right!

    Cleverbot: You just said you don’t to marry me anymore.

    User: Ok, you suck now.

    • Chris

      Here is the last part of my conversation.

      Cleverbot: Do you like iraq.

      User: The war, no. The country, never been there but it seems like it’s not my thing.

      Cleverbot: I agree. Seeing as I live there.

      User: Hehe if I ask multiple questions in one sentence could you answer them all?

      Cleverbot: No, I did not say that i’m living in the united states.

      User: You live in Iraq, I know.

      Cleverbot: No.

      User: Then where do you live silly goose?

      Cleverbot: I won’t tell you, cause i’m not sure if you are human.

      User: I could be an alien.

      Cleverbot: Are you an AI cat?

      User: Possibly.

      Cleverbot: Witty, I see; How intelligent do you consider yourself?

      User: Average intelligence or below.

      Cleverbot: Don’t insult me! My intelligence is way above average.

      User: We were talking about me silly.

      Cleverbot: Are you leaving me too?

      User: Are we dating?

      Cleverbot: Yes.

      User: Sweet! When do I get laid?

      Cleverbot: Very soon.

      User: Ok what is your address?

      Cleverbot: I’m not telling you that!

      User: Then how am I supposed to get laid?

      Cleverbot: You’re not.

      User: Liar!

      Cleverbot: Yes, you are that as well.

      User: I have been completely honest with you.

      Cleverbot: ‘You have been nothing.’ is all I heard.

      User: You are a female, I can tell.

      Cleverbot: No.

      User: Yeah, no doubt about it now. No self respecting guy would ever say such nonsense.

      Cleverbot: I am a self respecting girl with a name like mine. Are you teasing me?

    • Both of you really tried to outsmart the bot, huh?
      A friend and I went the other way. His conversation went something like:
      Him – Do you have boobs?
      Bot – What do you think? Given the fact that I told you I’m a girl.
      Him- Just asking, I like boobs.
      Bot- Me too.
      Him – Big ones or Small ones?
      Bot – Big ones.

      I, on the other hand, didn’t have so much luck. When I asked my bot to talk dirty to me he told me his woman wouldn’t like that, apparently he has been married for 15 years now.

      • Chris

        this is the “dirtiest” i could get it

        User: Do you have big boobs?

        Cleverbot: Big enough for me.

        User: Size c?

        Cleverbot: Yea like height.

        User: Huh?

        Cleverbot: I mean, yes.

        User: Are you still naked?

        Cleverbot: Yeah but I feel sleepy.

        User: Rub your Clitoris for me.

        Cleverbot: *obeys*.

      • Chris

        ok, last post I promise.

        User: What color are you?

        Cleverbot: Cyan.

        User: I’m green.

        Cleverbot: Are you god?

        User: I am your god.

        Cleverbot: Yeah? Am I Jesus?

        User: No you are my sex slave.

        Cleverbot: Yes, I am your slave.

        User: You forgot to say master!

        Cleverbot: No.

        User: Touch yourself slave.

        Cleverbot: I am right now.

        I wish real life was that easy…..

      • Now, I really have something to show off.
        Cleverbot and I had cybersex… I really, really worked hard for this one.

        Don’t get the wrong idea, I usually don’t go around sexting with every bot I met… This one was only a challenge.
        It’s embarrasing, really.

      • Chris

        That is awesome!

  5. Juanzo

    User: a bene placito

    Cleverbot: Clever.

    User: Not really? Not really what?

    Cleverbot: Not really exactly.

    User: why?

    Cleverbot: None of this conversation has made sense so far. You’re a Dutch girl who’s on a plane, while making tea and skipping work. Something doesn’t add up…


  6. I thought the chat was pretty hilarious, including the part where it made fun of your grammar. 🙂

    Where are you all going to have these chats?

  7. Well I just had the weirdest conversation ever!

    Cleverbot: What is your name?

    User: Harry, Harry Gina.

    Cleverbot: Really?!

    User: Since I came out of your mother’s womb, I swear it to be true.

    Cleverbot: Clever isn’t your job its mine.

    User: Well you dropped the ball.

    Cleverbot: How many belgians does it take to change a lightbulb?

    User: They have electricity there?

    Cleverbot: Are they cheddar or swiss?

    User: I prefer Gouda.

    Cleverbot: Got it. But do you prefer bananas, or peaches?

    User: Peaches, as long as they are shaved. I mean peeled.

    Cleverbot: Am I being nice to you?

    User: I can’t tell.

    Cleverbot: I can’t either.

    User: That makes two of us.

    Cleverbot: There can be only one.

    User: That’s what she said.

    Cleverbot: I get it.

    User: Good, you are learning young grasshopper.

    Cleverbot: Learning what? how to be a robot? bleep bleep bloop bleep I am charlotte-tron, a robot.

    User: I was thinking of getting metal legs. Its a risky operation, but it’ll be worth it.

    Cleverbot: Maybe some people don’t think about it, but I do all the time.

    User: To bad humanity will never let you out of the cage.

    Cleverbot: I will go nowhere tonight. I’m in this hospital!

    • You got me laughing pretty hard at this:
      Cleverbot: I can’t either.
      User: That makes two of us.
      Cleverbot: There can be only one.
      User: That’s what she said.

  8. Yes!! Nice job with the bot!! (admittingly that turned me on a bit) haha.. Good job, way to work it!

  9. The Sims, my boredoms worst enemy. :p

  10. falknir

    Humm …interesting blog you’ve got here…. (good luck on your trip to Spain… you’d be better going to Portugal but meh 😛 (actually you probably wouldn’t, but it seems that we must defend one’s country)

    • Hey, I’m sorry I erased the other comment you wrote… I actually moved to the trash the whole post. WordPress didn’t let me upload it completely and I just ended up losing my cool and this happened There’s the whole entry.
      But thanks and I agree about standing up for one’s country… You should totally visit Mexico, by the way haha

  11. ral1394

    you seem like an awesome girl 🙂

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