Age: 19 20

Sex: Female

Height: 1.60m (5’3ft)

Current Location: Mexico

Orientation: Straight. Or bi. Bicurious, maybe? I’m not really sure. I guess I just don’t care enough to decide.

Religion: Atheist.

Occupation: Architecture student.


134 responses to “Basics

  1. Anonymoose

    I don’t know if it’s your picture but if it’s you on your fail blog avatar and page header you have a really pretty face, I think you’re gorgeous! 🙂 I know it’s a digressive comment but it felt right to say it.

    • Yeah it is me! And compliments are never ever irrelevant!
      So, thanks! (=
      Aw, who says there aren’t nice people on the internet?

      • It’s ok man, more attention is what this straight; or bi; bicurious, maybe confused sorta sure, but not really, but definitely sure they thrive and exist fueled by attention girl wants to hear. Its the only reason her picture is on here. IF this site had ANYTHING to do with actual content or was meant to be conversational or inspiring or thought-provoking in any way; her picture would be nowhere on it. Trust me, if you took this girls constant fix of attention away. Yeap, he’s so nice because he complimented you, so if he said in his opinion you’re not really that great, he’s a dick? I bet you tell guys you think are ugly that they are all the time and then laugh about it, and nobody calls you a bitch. Maybe they should. I think a lot of girls need to hear the brutal truth about themselves, despite the fact that they might be “sorta cute.”

  2. Grizzlebeez

    That is exactly what I was thinking! Can we see more of you than just the pretty face somewhere?

    • I’ll upload pictures sometime, when I do something exciting worth of showing off.
      But if you mean “something more than just a pretty face” as in brainy, maybe I’ll solve a physics problems… Just to prove I can.
      Oh, and thanks : $

  3. Grizzlebeez

    Well, I can’t do physics problems, so pictures will suffice. I could imagine you’re intelligent enough as an architecture student, I don’t think that’s a profession for dummies. 😀

  4. Grizzlebeez

    I think I’d rather meet you!

  5. Grizzlebeez

    You’re either very humble, or the worst self-promoter ever. 😉

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m the bomb! If you have to meet someone it has to be me.
      However, I have to be honest too, and a lot of my classmates are eccentric and interesting people to meet.

  6. Grizzlebeez

    Haha! I’m glad that we got that straightened out.

    So how are you enjoying your trip so far… have you had any bouts of culture shock, or particularly interesting happenings?

    • My trip is pretty much nonexistent right now.
      I’m still in Mexico and I’m staying here up until July. I have to finish all of my classes this semester and get them certified… It’s easier to get accepted right away if I’ve already done almost half of my career.

  7. blah

    your cute 🙂

  8. Counter Culture Clown

    Like the new banner for the site, but it only proves you may be just as Morbidly Stick-like as me. :\

    Us tiny peeps need to stick together, love.

  9. justpassingby

    Two things. You left a comment on that Mario toast picture on a few days ago and I noticed your avatar, which is how I ended up here. Looks like some people already beat me to it, but I thought I’d let you know that you’re absolutely gorgeous. That probably just makes me sound like a creep, but I thought maybe it’d make your day to hear it.

    And secondly, I really like your banner. They could be from somewhere else too, but those are Matches lyrics. And looking at the ‘dahl’ in your name, that could totally be a Matches reference also. Am I right in thinking you’re a Matches fan?

    • I don’t think you’re a creep at all. If you’d have said something like “You look amazing when you get into your shower and think nobody is watching” then, maybe, I’d feel something it’s wrong. I actually just think you’re a very nice person, and thank you so much (:
      The lyrics do come from The Matches. I’m amazed you know that and it automatically puts you in my bff list. I don’t know a single person who knows the matches, let alone like them. Dahl, on the other hand, is a mixture of a lot of things, but I thought that if the Matches could pull it off so could I.

      • Mike

        Well I have to agree, you are stunning. There’s just something about you… And the persona helps, a lot! I wish there were more girls like you, here anyway.

        Oh, and you do look amazing when you get into the shower, especially when you think nobody’s looking 😛

      • I knew that putting a big glass window in the bathroom wasn’t such a good idea.
        Thank you so much for everything you say (: If we’re talking about wishing I wish people here would be as kind.

  10. Grizzlebeez

    Only if you want offspring that are creepy and have the girth of toothpicks.

  11. yo

    your a nut but funny, had a good laugh here. also im an arch student as well, this major should come with a gun and one bullet.

    • Someone should’ve warned us, right?
      Thank you for calling me funny, that’s a huge compliment (:

      • Grizzlebeez

        I think that goes for art majors as well. I know most of the interior architecture students that I knew who had switched to graphic design felt the same way.

      • yo

        yeah a warning would have been awesome im actually writing this in studio now! i need a blunt.

      • I feel this week is going to be crazy for me too. Urgh, I don’t even want to think about it.
        But I’m so hardheaded (hopefully) that even if I can’t take it, I’d feel humiliated if I switch majors.

  12. heebiejeebie

    omfg you’re fucking hot.
    haha k bye.

  13. ab kaz

    (tell us more about ur boobs!)

    i am too lazy to read all your blog entries, but i like the pictures u have loaded up, especially the blurred one in which u eat these nachos. somehow this picture looks very cool!

  14. Found your site through the ‘Wording Fail’ picture posted on FAIL Blog.

    I clicked on your name as you had stated in your comment about the sex offender location services being turned on that “you [sic] would let a sex offender determine your [sic] location” (A part of me thinks I only needed to [sic] that once).

    Anyway, my thoughts upon clicking this link from your name were that I might be presented with a profile page, which would help me determine you age, which would further help me determine the value of the humour in your joke… I’m a nerd…

    I did not expect to be transported to your new and interesting blog. I have only skimmed so far, but in order to take the conversation away from your boobs (as you say) and onto someone else’s penis; may I suggest you listen to episode 3 of our humble podcast (available at

    I hope this response to the request in a change of topic has been to your satisfaction.

    I bid you good day!

    • I need to ask. What does the fact that I’m 19 says about my humor? Am I mature enough to be posting inappropriate jokes about sex offenders?
      Now, that’s gonna bug me.

      I checked you site but I clicked on episode six (I’m a rebel, you know?). Loved it. I’ll be spending my Friday night doing homework and hopefully your podcasts will get me through it. (:

      • It was more to determine how close you were to an age that would make the joke funnier and not more inappropriate.

        My analysis concludes that you are of optimum age for both humour and appropriateness.

        I am glad to hear you liked our show. I certainly do hope you become an active listener. ( As you would be the first one outside of our own friend group 😉 )

        Given that, as you say, English is your second language; how easy were we to understand?

        It’s a worry that comes from having an accent of sorts you see, are we international community safe?

        Let me know on a postcard… or just reply to this comment.

  15. Guilherme

    Lol, I like your website 😀 And you’re such a pretty girl, wish I could have a conversation with you, may I?

  16. Guilherme

    Oh and, almost forgot, happy b-day a little bit late :b

  17. alexxel

    Something random about me.
    […]I’ve never bungee-jumped (and I doubt I will ever have the balls to do it), […]

    Well..d-oh, you don’t have any balls to begin with. Or do you? o.O

  18. alexxel

    In fact, I think that having balls would actually be problematic. The gravitational pull would make you gain speed because of the added weight, which would stress the cord even more, thus increasing the probability for it to brake.

    Also, air traveling from front to back would be forced to go around them, thus making you spin out of control and probably cause you nausea.

    There you go: you don’t need balls to go bungee.

  19. i suppose the mustache make u feel more spanish isn`t? lol

  20. wait a minute, Atheist? wew

  21. Very great place, very sweet posts and very weird comments.
    And very beautiful blogger/writer, by the way.
    That’s all I have to say right now.

    ¡Pasaré por aquí de nuevo!

  22. Great blog, saw you on FailBlog (spending a relaxing saturday on there) and started reading this, awesome, Hi from Australia btw 🙂

  23. blah

    hey horny 🙂

      • I, for one, have seen no evidence whatsoever (from the posted photo’s, at the very least) that you have, or indeed, ever HAD, horns. I’m thus assuming, from the previous statement, that “blah” meant… that…. wait…. oh hang on, he meant you’re “up” for it, right?

        In that case… heeellllloooo mad’am! 🙂

        (nice blog, by the way. You have a very boisterous outlook on life, which is a somewhat refreshing read on “teh interwebz”. You’re very cute too, but I’m sure you get that a LOT.)


      • I don’t even know how I got that reputation! On the internet…! Apparently people can smell my pheromones from here.
        And…Haven’t you heard that you can’t ever get enough compliments? Haha thank you, really. Especially the part about having a different view on life made me smile… A lot :**

      • You are entirely welcome 🙂

  24. P.Anthony

    Hey, just felt like posting a comment to let you know you got a nice blog. I got here very randomly by clicking on FailBlog and decided I shouldn’t go without leaving a comment. =P. I had fun reading =) Don’t know if you’re Mexican or if you just live there but I believe we share the same primary language (spanish).

    PS: I don’t know if that stairs porn site is yours but that’s a sexy site, lol. I like stairs.

    • I’m glad you got here, in any way you did (: and… if you really care about my ethnicity, my father is Mexican, my mom Spanish, I was born and raised in mexico, though… But that’s only if you really wanted to know haha
      None of the links are mine. I don’t even have a site other than this… The links are just sites I find interesting (:
      Ps. Hola! (:

  25. .... .......

    hey hey hey

  26. .... ...

    Same here, Exited but oh well.

    You look like a girl who is like freaking


    like your one of those girls who

    dosen’t give.

  27. .... ....

    Believe me it was a compliment and your welcome.

    Yeah I got balls thats why I’m down.

    And you are down because you got your Ovaries.


  28. A pony? Then we’ll need to legally change our last names to Awesome and have a son named Freakin’ and a daughter named Totally. These are my terms.

    • You got me laughing pretty hard at this… And just for that, yes, you can me the father of my kids. It would be my pleasure.

      • Sounds like a plan, but promise me won’t bicker and share tense sexless silence like the Spiteful’s down the street. I feel really bad for their twins Unbearably and Unapologetically. And on that note, I’ll promise you that I’ll never beat another joke into the ground ever again. Unless I think it’s really funny, in which case I’ll never stop, because I don’t have the maturity to know when I should.

      • You can crack the same jokes over and over again, because I know you’ll put up with me when I go “that’s what she said” after literally every single comment.

  29. m0e

    aaah the internet is a great place to get rid of inferiority complexes… 😀

    • I don’t know exactly what you meant by that… At 3am, I’m not exactly the smartest person.
      But being a hopelessly optimist I will take it as a compliment. So, thanks you very much, you kind sir.

      • m0e

        should have been the exact opposite… as you recive quite enough compliments here, I wanted to pretend you from getting snotty… Didn’t work, though… 🙂

        what I meant is that – as a woman – you will receive about 1’000’000 compliments in the internet, by putting one or two picture of yourself online… Its the miracle of men: If you see some chicks in the internet, hit on them! 😀

      • No, no, no!
        I’m not gonna hear it. I’m special! All those boys love me! Everybody does!
        I’m rubber, you’re glue!

        (Internet doesn’t always transfer sarcasm, so I’ll just say it: I’m kidding. Pure love :*)

  30. Mike

    Mexicans aren’t kind? :O

    And here I was thinking in Mexico they were all like “Hola amigo!” 😦

    PS: the big glass window was the best idea of them all. But singing Ricky Martin in the shower… not so much 😛

  31. Mike

    That IS what the Internet is for 🙂

    “Hola amigo. Quieres chili? No? Vale. Prefieres tequilla?” 😛

    (I apologize for not placing the correct marks; my keyboard lacks the reversed editions :$)

    • That’s a perfect example of a day-to-day conversation here haha

      • Mike

        That’s the little I know form what goes on in Tijuana during Spring Break. And it somehow sums up all the Spanish I can write down :$

        My spoken Spanish can be worse: it comes off with a God-damned Italian accent. Don’t ask me, I don’t know :$

      • If it makes you feel any better, I can’t speak a word of Portuguese.
        We will have to sick to English.

      • Mike

        Thank God!

        My Spanish sucks, a lot :$

        Try learning Brazilian. It will make you seem exotic once you come here 😛

        How’s your spoken English like?

      • I like to think I’m pretty good at it once I get comfortable. At first I get scared people won’t understand me so I over pronounce everything…

      • Mike

        I speed it up. Good thing is, I can make all sorts of funny voices.

        Anything from a computer to a Scottish 😛

        And kids too! Woo-hoo! xD

      • I can speak nigga…
        Yo yo motha fucka!!

    • Mike

      I, you needs to spend more time with I an’ I breda.

      I can speak that much Jamaican 😛

      French accent is the best. “I am an elitist asshole” xD

      • Aside from the yo yo language I can’t do any other accent.
        I tried Brit English but I just come up with “wataaa” “harry pottaa”

  32. I’m retiring ‘Stair Porn Fluffer’ even though it just rolls off the tongue…that’s what she said. Well we have that little habit in common. I guess you can have the privilege of being the ground beef to my taco shell. Saw your model church project. Glad to see there was no Jesus on a crucifix front and center at the altar, if you think about it that’s like the ultimate spoiler alert.

  33. tio1

    Hey, you is very pretty.

    Do you live in Monterrey?

  34. tio1

    you see yourself very ticklish

  35. robert ot

    hola chica you like morrissey? ( im chicano myself and yes im familiar with Gustavo Arellano’s assumptions) but I must confess you are a cutie pie. well good luck with your hermanos roommate.

    • Hello! (:
      I’m not chicana, actually. Just Mexican, living in Mexico, and without any kind of connection with the United States other than “that’s where I like buying clothes” (I’m not superficial, I just sound like it haha).
      And thanks for the good wishes haha I’m crossing fingers here.

  36. Chris

    I am so glad I found this. You are awesome, sexy, and an atheist, I am gonna have sweet dreams tonight! Good luck and I’ll be visiting often.

    • I’m also glad you found this because your comment made me smile (: I do hope to see you around here again.

      • Chris

        You are a perfect looksGreatWhenShePretendsToBeAConstructionWorkerGirl. But you missed one thing, you never walk onto any jobsite with a clean Hardhat. Have you ever seen a construction worker with a clean hard hat? And you never will. When you get a Hard hat you have to dirty it up a bit and you can even scrape it on the ground a little to get some scratches on it (do this all offsite of course). Doing this will give you a little bit of respect. If you show up with a perfectly clean hard hat the workers assume you have never done any type of labor job and you don’t know what you are talking about. Hope that helps you in the future.

      • Maybe that could be my thing, no?
        I’m the girl who rocks the outfit, but it’s not a real construction worker… You know? Like the fantasy. Now that sounds appealing.

  37. Chris

    Yeah that sounds pretty cool and sexy. I’ll accept that… but we will need more hard hat pics in the future then.

  38. ChrisEatsBananas

    Came here from Failblog myself – and guess what: The avatar was interesting enough to browse through your blog posts a bit. Especially liked the picture from “Mexico vs. North Korea”! Nice stadium. 😛

    Greetings from the “other” side of the world (Germany). Nice to see something else, thanks to the net…

  39. Erwin

    well, i thought i was gonna be the first one to tell you, but apparently 1 million other people already found you from failbook lol. but yeah, bored out of my skull, i was reading endless (but hilarious) stuff at failbook, and just had to tell you i thought you were absolutely super pretty. Add me on FB if you have one! :))

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