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Optional Essay Question

I’m not embarrassed to admit that watching a bunch of overpaid actors in “Valentine’s Day” got me in the mood. It may not be a porno or even an erotic movie, but it had me thinking how much I would like to have a hardcore make out session with Anne Hathaway *ahem* I meant Ashton Kutcher, of course… And, since I don’t have any kind of companionship lately and my vibrator just run out of batteries I have to focus that energy into something else. So, I’m switching to a nostalgic mood, just like that.

I’ve wanted to write about my college years here, for a while now. Somehow I couldn’t come up with something other than: Look how well I pull off the construction look!!

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Now, I realize I shouldn’t focus on college itself, since it wasn’t the homework, projects or classes that made these years so amazing… It was the people (Big “aww!” please!)

I shouldn’t even bother writing a corny entry, since it isn’t a corny generation. I don’t know if it’s the time and age, but I would define my classmates as… Attention whores, each one in their own way.

(While I try to describe each kind, keep in mind I don’t have any plans to pursue the comedic path, I’m aware of my limitations)

Hippie Girl. If it was up to her, the whole career would be about explaining how she designed the building based on peaceful thoughts.

Inappropriate Guy. “Penis! Are you, people, listening to me? I said penis! Vagina! Now I said Vagina! Penis in Vagina! Sex! Sex! TWO GIRLS ONE CUP!”

AlwaysRight Girl. And if she isn’t, she’ll throw a fit so the universe change its course and she’ll be right again.

TooGoodForYouFuckers Guy. He likes to think of himself as an already graduated student who’s doing the rest of us a favor by showing up to classes. I see very kinky sex between him and AlwaysRight Girl.

IWillJustThrowRandomComments Girl. “Have I told you I’m going to marry a Colombian? I would but I hate being so fat! I’m a virgin, if you were wondering; and I’d kill for sushi right now… Aren’t you worried about skin cancer?”.

Alternative Guy. I know this is a phase most teenagers go through… But he’s already 20, you’d think he’d be done with telling people how cool he is for liking Alice in Wonderland before it became mainstream.

TooGayToFunction Guy. If I said that I’d love him even more if he stopped complaining about how his Burberry wallet and Prada cell phone were so last season I’d be lying.

Perfect Guy. He’s hot and a gentleman, every girl in my class has a crush on him. I would too if I didn’t have the feeling he has a thing with the TooGaytoFunction Guy.

CompletePackage Girl. The female version of the guy above. Pretty, nice, smart, big boobs… What keeps her from being the Perfect Girl? Unlike her male version, she’s into the opposite sex.

HardWorker Guy. I have nothing but respect for a guy who is majoring in two things.

YoYoMothaFocka Guy. Oh man, this whitey sure loves acting like a nigga.

I’m missing a bunch others (who are equally fascinating… I’m just lazy), including me.  I’m an attention whore, just like the others, I just don’t know which kind. I’m rooting for the:

LooksGreatWhenShePretendsToBeAConstructionWorker Girl.

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(And if you turn your head a bit to the right you may get to meet the TooGoodForYouFuckers Guy).

I said it before, I can’t come up with something corny to say about these people. I will, however, say this: Just the way they are, each and every single one of them is fucking awesome. I just hope I have attention-whored myself enough so they’ll miss me as much as I’ll miss them.



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Coffee, Gentlemen, Finally

I was hoping last text would be the only Complaining-About-Staying-Up-All-Night-Working post I’d have to write in a long time… Or at least within the same week.

No need for an intro anymore, right? Let’s just cut down to the chase.

The final assignment for my Construction Technologies class was to build a model with ‘real materials’.  My team chose Tadao Ando’s Church of Light thinking “it’s a simple structure”; well, it turns out, we’re a bunch of idiots.

I’m going to shorten up a boring story by telling you that getting together with five other people for almost six straight days wasn’t enough to get the work done, three of us had to spend a whole night in my house (backyard, to be more specific) finishing the stupid thing (I know, it’s not the church’s fault… But let me call it stupid just this once).

This time I don’t have pictures that show the different stages we went through that night… I just have pretty pictures (insert a couple of giggles here).

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There’s absolutely nothing interesting going on in this photo… I just upload it because it’s the only one I have where I’m actually working. It proves it wasn’t a voluntary (and weird) sleepover.

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The only thing this photograph proves is that I like to take pictures of guys’ butts when I think they’re not watching, and that I’m obviously bad at it.

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There aren’t any pictures of me sleeping in a weird place since I didn’t sleep at all that night. Really. It’s just sad.

Still, he should be honored; he’s the first guy I spent the night with since I broke up… Bad joke? I don’t even know anymore.

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Jealous of not having the ability of sleeping on the floor or on my own hand, I got all the enjoyment I needed by taking pictures of the people who could.

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This adds nothing… I just thought my baby looked disgustingly cute.

This story has a happy ending. Even though we ARE idiots, we are the kind of idiots who build awesome churches.

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to the fruit of my loins:

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If that photo didn’t make you go all I.Have.To.Marry.This.Girl.Now (or you’re the artistic kind) maybe this one will do the trick:

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I know I’ll be carrying pictures of this baby in my wallet for years ahead.


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You Can’t Ever Find a Place that’s Nice and Peaceful

My blog’s theme is something like “Hey, I’m going to Spain someday… Meanwhile! Read about my life as an architecture student who complains a lot”. Well, I’ve been given the chance to complain a big deal and be sure I’ll use it. Right about… Now!

We were told about a project on Friday at 11am, which we had to hand in at that same hour… on Saturday. You know what it means, right? I had to spend my Friday night on Campus… Working. Without any kind of sleep.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a horrible experience; long, frustrating and beautyless (sleeping does it for me, ok?). But it was, I’ll admit it, interesting. Now that it’s over, I’m glad I did it, especially because I now have something to blog about.

Pictures are the way to go here.
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3:04AM: Time when I fully comprehend the fact that I was spending a whole night at school… So, I did the logical thing: I grabbed a piece of fabric and pretended it was a “wedding thong”.

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3:08AM: I pulled my shit together and I decided to keep doing my work… Just trust me on this one, even if the picture shows me on Facebook and msn.

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4:11AM: This was actually a nice moment right there. My friend was on the phone with her “one-night-stand”… I could hear him say she “smelled great”. You would think that’d make me feel uncomfortable. It didn’t.

(Oh, and please remember what I told you. Sleep does it for me…).

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7:56AM: Exactly what it looks like.

It was around that time when I pulled some philosophical crap: “Light keeps us from perfection”. Of course I was talking about how hard was to sleep with the lights on… But it sounds really deep and smart, don’t you think?

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8:29AM: At that moment I actually considered marrying coffee, and having a really kinky honeymoon.

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11:10AM: A friend captured the moment of “FUCK EVERYTHING! I WANT TO BE A UNICORN!”

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11:47PM: …To be young and beautiful… After a bunch of bitching I decided I’ll sleep when I’m dead.


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Surrounded by Dead Guys

I had one of the toughest weeks of my life. If I wasn’t studying, I was working on projects or definitely not sleeping… I have nothing exciting to say right now, but I wanted a chance to rant for a while.

Here’s a picture I took on my trip to Disney a couple of years ago, which has no relevance to this post… Just makes me happy.

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Just Going Through a Phase Right Now

For those who don’t know (I only have 2 readers, and both of them know this, but whatever), before studying architecture I was supposed to study marketing. That dream lasted about, three days. Still, it was a major that I chose after a lot of thought, since it does involve certain art tricks and for that, it will always have a space in my heart (ps. cheesy is the new black).

Now I realize that those two majors aren’t exactly different paths, and that takes me to announce that this Barbie is now available in a new (dream) job presentation.

Architectural Marketing. You’re intrigued, aren’t you?  Basically I want to leave the hard job of actually designing the house to other people, but I would help them convincing someone else to give them money to do so. And how, you ask… with pretty pictures, of course.

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Can you say fucking beautiful?

(Credit to ArchiCentral and National Geographic for the pictures)


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So Damn Nice

Today was actually a nice day. I just had two classes, and the professors from both of them gave me props on my projects (you know, I’m the kind of person who likes a “you-go-girl!” once in a while).

Also, my dad bought a new printer and it turns out its wireless… So I can print a document from the second floor! I would still have to walk downstairs to get it, but still, it’s pretty freaking awesome.

I know this has nothing to do with Spain… But there’s no news there, and I wanted to write. I’ll try to keep things moving, so I can update something of substance!


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Most of Them Would Probably Marry Dopey Guys

My construction technologies’ class is the typical class you can’t pay attention to. You want to, but an ink spot on the ceiling will steal your interest in a heartbeat.

Today I really tried (I always try, I swear), I even asked a few questions about… Uhm… Huh… Oh, yeah! Steal on structures (sorry, it wasn’t as relevant as I thought it would be). Suddenly two classmates arrived (late, by the way), let’s call them Girl 1 and Girl 2, they both sat right behind me. Girl 1 almost broke down in tears, telling the other one how much she loves her boyfriend but wants to break up with him. Now, that caught my attention! Girl 1 proceeded to explain how this guy was so overprotective, jealous and controlling… And he doesn’t even live here. She wants to leave town, study abroad as an excuse to break up with him. Girl 2, being smart enough, told her how she should just get over it and end up a relationship that isn’t healthy at all.

Isn’t it sad that I find WAY more interesting this girl’s problem (which had a very obvious solution) than a class that’s so related to what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life? In Spain, colleges are supposed to be harder and kick ass, it worries me that I don’t have enough passion for my major and then, I wouldn’t make the grade (and that will, eventually, mean the end of the world indeed).


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