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I tried giving WordPress another chance. We just can’t work things out… Blogger isn’t the best thing ever, but at least he loves me back.



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Make it Very Dry, and No Olive

Somehow, I lack the creativity to write this entry… I’ll just say this like it is, and you can add some funny accent, yes?

Saturday night was so fucked up, dude!

Regularly, I don’t write about my social life. I tell myself it doesn’t add anything to the main objective of this blog, but the real reason is … I just don’t have any.

Even though I’m Miss Party-Girl to you, now; I’m still true to my principles. This does has something to do with the point of my blog. The party was, amongst other things (like, birthday party, end-of-the-semester party, let’s-get-really-drunk party), my going away party.

I really don’t know what to say about it, though. A lot of shit happened, funny, exciting, weird… But I’m guessing it’s the kind of things you have to be there, or at least know the people.

Ok, ok. I do have a couple of statements:

. I ❤ Jelly Shots (and I feel I shouldn’t be this proud of saying it just like that).

. Real fun doesn’t start until you’re thrown in to a pool against your will… And I’m not even being sarcastic.

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The truth is… I will miss these people like crazy.

The second truth is that I should receive a medal (or a set of applauses, at least) for having the balls to upload pictures of myself not only when I’m sleep-deprived, also when I’m wet and drunk (…dirty!).

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Adding to the weirdness of the night and without getting into gruesome details, I have to say I learned something important: You don’t need Europe to try those things you see on French movies.


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The Most Marvelous Idea You’ve had All Day

The respect I have for my readers asks me to warn you before it’s too late: this post doesn’t have a point, at all (unlike any other post I’ve wrote… Compliments later, please). I just have this uncontrollable need to show off the fact that I just bought a new camera.

I have a super duper new camera!
OMFG!!11!! ClapClapW00tClap!!!1!!111!!

For a while, I’ve been using my dad’s camera… Which is a great camera but I don’t do the whole sharing thing; so I saved money and it finally pays off.
So, without further ado (I always wanted to say write that!), a pretty picture:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It’s a Fujifilm WP, which means it’s waterproof. If I don’t get a chance to go to a pool soon enough, expect a lot of pictures of me taking a shower; I would get my money’s worth and some internet popularity at the same time.

Oh, and the camera it’s pink. PINK!


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A Royal Pain in the Ass

Wednesday was one of the most frustrating nights of my life, weirdly enough, was a little bit fun too.

I had to hand in blueprints of a house with at least 7 bathrooms  the next day(I officially hate rich people with big houses) and I knew I was for a bit of a torture when I thought “well, I have all freaking night, it’s not so bad”.

Everything went as nice as an “all-nighter” could go. All my classmates were online and you wouldn’t believe how chatty and funny people get when they’re sleep deprived.

Also, I wanted a chance to mention a song that kept me from blowing my brains out when my laptop clock turned 5 am and I still had a hell of a lot of work to do.

I don’t know how you people feel about Latin rock. You should give it a try either way… Especially with a song titled “little whore”.


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It’s Highly Probable

I had this trip to Monterrey yesterday; I left and came back the same day (Yay!).

It was a pretty cool trip, I must say. We visit the Civic Tower, which is the 4th tallest building in the country (impressive, I know)… It’s still under construction, though.

So if you like buildings, heights or pictures in general… You may enjoy these:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Yep, this is an artistic-wanna-be picture of the structure.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
How the top floors look like.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And how hope-to-be architects look on the top floors.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This shows how high we were (I’m immature enough to laugh about the fact that it sounded as if we’re on drugs…)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The only picture in which I appear… I told a friend that I’d hold her camera and she should hold mine, that way I would have picture of me and she of her, but the little bitch didn’t believe on my abilities as a photographer; so, screw her.

This is on the first floor, which is almost done… And yes, I had a blast taking pictures of my legs.


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It’s Supposed to be Physical, and Spiritual, and Artistic.

Here’s a fun fact for you.

Barbie won’t be an architect, and it’s not a cute way of saying I don’t want to study architecture anymore; the actual doll won’t be available in an architecture presentation… Or whatever.

For the first time Mattel asked people to vote for Barbie’s next career, a way of celebrating her 125th and 126th profession. The options were computer engineer, architect, news anchor, surgeon and environmentalist.

I already blow the surprise, as an architect she already failed; however, as a computer engineer and news anchor she did not.

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Now you have a new topic for your conversations… You’re welcome.


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Even Smart Girls Do it

On my first post, I was pretty serious about not knowing how to cook a thing.

Today I decided (well, honestly, my mom decided) to change that. And now, I’ll proudly announce I made spaghetti, spaghetti meat (of course), rice, Spanish omelet and chicken parmesan… Fancy, I know.

Does anyone else notice that delicious smell of independence?

Just a tip for all aspiring cooks: Don’t leave your fingers near a knife when you’re cutting potatoes, (or anything for that matter.) I learned it the hard way.


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