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Try to Relax Occasionally

The fact that I’m spending my summer days lying on my ass all day long is doing wonders for my back; however, some may think that not having a real life would leave me with not much to talk about on my blog… Well, I’m about to prove those non-believers wrong.

I finished filling out every single application form requested by the universities, along with my certificate of approved subjects, curriculum and a copy of my passport; all sealed up, waiting for those lovely people at UPS to send it to Spain. So…I’m being a productive lazy ass.

I just fell in love with Harry Potter books and movies all over again. Therefore, my sexual fantasies with Ron Weasley are back… My imaginary sex life is so great.

A few days ago I found the best blog in the freaking world: Confessions of a College Callgirl (you can find the link on the  right side, wordpress being a baby). I read the whole thing in two days; if you haven’t, I highly recommend it… A girl talking about how big her breasts are and blowjobs… I mean, what else could you really ask for?

You know what else is just awesome? Sims… So awesome, indeed, that last year I made two music videos using Sims3, and I just remember about them. Even though, now, I would change it completely (leave the song, erase everything else!) they’re still my babies, and since they aren’t major screw-ups, I have to be proud of them.

(I don’t know why, but this stupid thing isn’t letting me upload the videos; not even post the links… If you actually give a rat’s ass about these ❤ you can find them in the comment section : D. I’m sorry WordPress hates me so much, but I can’t help it if I’m popular).

I’m ending this worthless entry the most logical way possible; stating that I just had a really amusing chat with a machine: (And yes, I did write “you’re are”, because I’m just that bright).

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Keeps Me from Getting Bored

I don’t know if I should say I have updates or just random thoughts… And now, I don’t know if there’s actually a difference between the two. Screw this, it’s 1am: I have something to say.

. I have the house all to myself this week! In 20 years of life I’ve never been home alone before. I guess it’s way to prepare myself for life in Spain… And to PARTYYYYYYYYY!!!

(Naaah… I’m too big of a nerd to do something like that).

. Spain plans are going smooth. Well, at least the papers I need. I already have my curriculum with all the classes I have taken, all signed and everything. That excites me, ok!?

. The other day I went to see my gynecologist for a regular check up (long live the internet who lets me share these kind of things with strangers) and guess who I saw… My 6th grade crush; who, a couple of weeks ago, I found out impregnated a girl. Oh dear boy o’ mine, don’t you know this would have never happened with me? I’m a pro at putting on condoms (I could almost hear my mom saying “that’s my girl!”).

.  My beautiful blog just reached 20,000 views. Big fucking yay! It’s a big deal to me… So all jokes a side (I can do that), thanks a freaking zillion to every single person who has ever read me, and special thanks to the people who took some time of their life to write a comment.


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She’s Only a Little Child

Remember what I told you, honey bees, about my super-duper new camera?

If you don’t, you can read it here… or I could simply spoil it for you: It’s waterproof (yay!).

Well, a couple of days ago my baby lost its water-virginity. I was hanging out with a group of friends, and one of them said “you should have done this from the start” and sank the poor thing into a glass of water. It was almost pornographic.

This is the result:

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If it wasn’t such a blurry picture you could’ve seen my eyes in terror at the image of my camera being raped.

Somehow I managed to make this entry about my waterproof camera sound dirty. I have a talent for these kind of things.


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My Old Heart was Damn Near Beating Me Out of the Room

Yesterday one of my teachers asked me to help him with a class he’s giving to high school students. I, being the adorable lady (and teacher’s ass-kisser) I am, agreed.

I don’t mean to sound smarter than I actually am; it’s not as if I was going to give the class. The man is teaching them AutoCAD and wanted some help answering questions the kids (did you notice the word I use? “kids”… Hi, I’m twenty and I’m such a grown-up!) may have about the software.

Since the moment I walked in, this guy, the typical cute popular guy (you already know exactly the kind of guy I’m talking about) started talking to me. He asked me dumb questions about the house he was designing, told me even dumber knock-knock jokes… Let’s just say it; he was like totally flirting with me *insert a few giggles and a couple of dead neurons here*.

The story gets a bit pathetic, though, since…I flirted back…

I didn’t care the dude was seventeen, nor did I care I was just feeding that disgusting ego of his… And I cared even less that he wasn’t even my type.

No, no. I had to flirt back. That fat nerdy fourteen-year-old girl inside me begged me to do it.

You would have done the same thing… Right?


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Girls with Their Legs not Crossed

I have the obligation to lighten the mood here… And I really couldn’t find a better way than to state one little reason I’m leaving this town.

*Note: Let me just say that this reason will make you think I’m a shallow bitch or a girl with awesome taste and style (whatever, both of them would be right).

People here don’t know a thing about fashion. At all. In fact, local model agencies seem to mock us each time they hire a new model: “Here:  she’s thin, weirdly looking and she’s willing to pay for her own photoshoots… Yes, she’s 5’2; as if you actually knew models are supposed to be tall”.

Do I know where I’m going with all of this? No… I just like ranting for the sake of it (better than sex, people say… virgins, probably). Let’s keep going, ok?

This is the definition of fashion in my hometown:
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Yes. They were just standing there.
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If you want to read the other side of the story, you can find it on my BFF’s fashion blog. I know most of my readers are guys, (which just makes me wonder, again, why girls don’t like me) but maybe one of you is secretly interested in fashion. She was nice about it, which surprised me; I was, indeed, the one who took those embarrassing photos, but that was only because she was too busy laughing.

She’s right, though. I should be kind to this shitty place. You know, Mexico’s Next Top Model is from here (yeah, I’m not even going to hide the fact that I watched every single episode… Twice.)
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It’s ok if you like her. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed myself.


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It was Supposed to be a Big Deal

Guess what? Guess what?

It’s my birthday, bitcheeees!

Sorry. I had this idea that, since it is my birthday, I had the right to insult you.

The day started just great… Missing my first class. I still had the winter time, so I woke up at 8, and my class started at 8. But it was fine, you know? I went to sleep at 4 so that extra hour was greatly appreciated; I was (if you were wondering) doing a stupid fucking project that I’d bring to life just so I could kill it, but I manage to had a blast, either way. Am I an adorable snowflake, or what?

I was thinking about asking you, guys, if I look older now and then post a picture of me on which I draw on wrinkles and bags under my eyes, then I thought what an awful joke that was, and I don’t want pity laughs… Even if it is my birthday.


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We Win, or What?

I would like to say I’m going to enjoy Mexico at its fullest before leaving. Unfortunately, Mexico doesn’t want to be enjoyed right now. If you live in a happy little world (which I’d politely ask you to invite me) a quick visit here will make you understand what I’m talking about.

But I like blinding myself from the real world, so instead of keep talking about it I’ll announce I did enjoy being a pretty little Mexican yesterday… At a soccer game.

Mexico vs. North Korea. Yes, juicy, you can say it! It was a huge event, especially since my hometown doesn’t receive international teams of any kind, so almost every single acquaintance I ever had was there.

The down side? The batteries from my camera died, so I just have two pictures of this glorious moment.
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We are really proud of our new stadium, so don’t disappoint me… Tell me what an amazing piece of architecture it is. You may also compliment me, while you’re at it.
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Yes, I enjoy eating nachos as much as I enjoy being a walking cliché.
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If someone would’ve taken a picture of me on the middle of all the excitement, this would be the result. To make up for the lack of pictures, I decided to illustrate all of you with my professional drawings in which my parents invest their money in.


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