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You’re Coming Pretty Close to Doing it

Little update… No, no, it’s actually a big one.

I just bought my ticket to Spain!

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I’m leaving on July, 30. I’ll stop at Mexico City, waiting just 3 hours for the next flight (after having been on an airport for 10 hours, 3 hours is my definition of awesome), blah, blah, blah, I’ll arrive in Madrid the very next morning. The End.

Hopefully I’ll be too busy being scared out of my mind, that I won’t notice it’s such a long boring trip.

Oh, I almost forgot to say something… YAY!



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Keeps Me from Getting Bored

I don’t know if I should say I have updates or just random thoughts… And now, I don’t know if there’s actually a difference between the two. Screw this, it’s 1am: I have something to say.

. I have the house all to myself this week! In 20 years of life I’ve never been home alone before. I guess it’s way to prepare myself for life in Spain… And to PARTYYYYYYYYY!!!

(Naaah… I’m too big of a nerd to do something like that).

. Spain plans are going smooth. Well, at least the papers I need. I already have my curriculum with all the classes I have taken, all signed and everything. That excites me, ok!?

. The other day I went to see my gynecologist for a regular check up (long live the internet who lets me share these kind of things with strangers) and guess who I saw… My 6th grade crush; who, a couple of weeks ago, I found out impregnated a girl. Oh dear boy o’ mine, don’t you know this would have never happened with me? I’m a pro at putting on condoms (I could almost hear my mom saying “that’s my girl!”).

.  My beautiful blog just reached 20,000 views. Big fucking yay! It’s a big deal to me… So all jokes a side (I can do that), thanks a freaking zillion to every single person who has ever read me, and special thanks to the people who took some time of their life to write a comment.


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I Started Wondering like a Bastard

The past few days have made this Project so damn real it’s almost scary.

My mom forced me to go to this creepy reunion of rich Spanish people she calls friends, in which, for almost an hour all they did was talk about me moving. This lady said I should apply to a lot of colleges in Madrid, that the fact that is such a big city “shouldn’t intimidate me”.

That little snotty bitch… I will apply to those super cool colleges and insert the acceptance papers where it fits, since she’s not intimidated by big things.

My other encounter was in my own living room, where my parents and my bff’s parents sat for another couple of hours discussing us. Well, they’re all up for it. Everybody is.

Terrifying, isn’t it? Classmates, friends, family, ladies with big capacities already imagine us there. Hell, I even have a blog about it.

It’s a deal between my bff and me, if we don’t make it… We will buy a bunch of Spanish postcards and runaway somewhere else. No one will ever know we failed.

But if we do make it, we’ll both have something to miss as hell:
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She just bought a puppy… Soon, she won’t think I’m pathetic for crying about a dog.

Oh… And here’s a picture of me driving.
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Yes. Random is my middle name.


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Do you Feel Absolutely no Concern for your Future, boy?

You won’t believe me, but I do realize the point of this blog is to talk about my move to Spain; the thing is, there’s not much to talk about right now. Apparently I have to wait until the end of this semester, finish the classes I planned to do here so I could certify them and ask for a place on the university. Summer will be a busy busy busy time for me… Right now, I’ll just continue to write creepy entries about my dog.

But I want to make clear that I’m doing an effort. I was checking again for residencies, only on Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) since I’m deciding that’s the place I want to go… I’m putting all my eggs in one basket, I know, I’m that irresponsible.

Ok, there are two places I’d like to live in… I’m actually voting for just one, but option number 2 doesn’t sound that bad after some research I made of other places, I’ll just say this: There’s a (just-girls) residency called “Slaves of Jesus Christ”.

Crossing out places that seemed a little bit strict or just plain creepy I end up with my two options that have a gym, library, pool, internet, study rooms, cleaning service, gas, electricity, water, blah blah blah.

So let’s start with option number 2, shall we?

Cardenal Cisneros

There’re a couple of pros for this place (starting with not being a slave of anybody) like that they clean your room once a week; but there’s a feature which I’m not really sure how I feel about: food service. This residency is about 100 Euros more expensive than the other (€585, exactly), but this is because it includes breakfast and lunch. I’m kind of a baby when it comes to food, so if the place serves food that I like this is a big YAY!, if it doesn’t… Well, you know.

Also, I’d have to share a bathroom. I know, I’d survive I have shared a bathroom my whole life… But I’m not looking forward to share a bathroom with a stranger.

Oh! And there are pictures of the place… Like this one:
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I’m sure these girls are really happy to be here, but honestly, I don’t give a damn. I really wanted a good picture of the room.

Giner de Los Rios

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Now, if I could, I’d marry this place. I don’t care if it’s just an illusion of really well-made marketing, just for the fact that they made the place look so freaking cool, I’d have sex with the building.

This place doesn’t serve food, but the room includes a kitchen, which makes my whole effort of learning how to cook worth it; AND I’d have my own bathroom… Everything for the small price of €465!
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Here are some pretty pictures, of course! (Without happy girls all over them)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Seriously now (or something close to it) do you guys have any advice of how to choose a place?


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Read it Somewhere or Heard it Somewhere

“Spanish people do not work before 10am or after 1pm.”




(Which, honestly, sucks balls)

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So Damn Nice

Today was actually a nice day. I just had two classes, and the professors from both of them gave me props on my projects (you know, I’m the kind of person who likes a “you-go-girl!” once in a while).

Also, my dad bought a new printer and it turns out its wireless… So I can print a document from the second floor! I would still have to walk downstairs to get it, but still, it’s pretty freaking awesome.

I know this has nothing to do with Spain… But there’s no news there, and I wanted to write. I’ll try to keep things moving, so I can update something of substance!


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When I Really Worry About Something, I Don’t Just Fool Around

My bff (I figured I will mention her often, so I shortened “best friend” to bff, sue me), well, yeah, she and I pulled a Rory Gilmore today and made a pro/con list of possible universities in Spain. Our list started with the University of Coruña, University of Valladolid and University of Alcalá, here’s the summary of how our list went:

University of Coruña:

Pro – The beach! It’s near the beach! Yay! Points, points, points!

Con – There’s the rumor that the teachers are kinda rude. Points off… Wait! What language do people speak in Coruña? Galician? Really…? Ok, Coruña is out.

Now, Valladolid vs. Alcalá.

“Alcalá is in Madrid, we could go to concerts… Or fashion week!”

“But Valladolid is not that big, not that complicated… And it’s near Madrid, so we get the best of both worlds”

“It’s more impressive to say that we studied in Madrid”

“At the end we studied in Spain, it’s not that different. Besides, Madrid is more expensive”

“The prices don’t change that much, really”

“It would be pretty hard to move around Madrid, you know? Being that big”

“But because of being so big, we would always have something near”

“Uhm… Honestly, I would be happy with either of them”

“We should just… Wait to see which one admit us, and then decide”

“I’m tired… Let’s go for coffee or something”


Yes, we got to the conclusion of: getting to a conclusion later… And because we are mature enough to know that we are not mature enough to have our own apartment, we started considering the options of residencies (in both places, of course). Decisions are just as hard, especially since all residencies offer the same basic stuff.

So, this day we learned that in Coruña people speak Galician… That’s progress, right?


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